Pulse Regulating Acupuncture

Dr. Fu Songqing ‘s Pulse regulating Acupuncture is base on “Nan Jing”, which one of the classics of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Written in the late Han dynasty.
The way of Pulse regulating Acupuncture , is to focus on the Qi and Pulse. It is: needling according to the pulse diagnosis, and rechecking the pulse after needling, repeat it till the pulse Is regulated.

(1) “Ling Shu- the criteria of needling and the different between genuine and evil Qi” : in the law of needling, it is mainly to adjust the Qi.

(2) “Ling Shu – the beginning and terminal of the channels” : Generally, in needling, when the Qi is kept in harmony, the needling should be ceased.

(3) “Ling Shu – the nine kind of needles and the twelve source points” : Before needling, one must observe the pulse and know whether the Qi is harmonious or not.

The success of the treatment, can be seen through the observation of the pulse, depends on whether the Qi has arrived or not .

Pulse regulating acupuncture, “Nei Jing” : No matter what the disease is, the harmonious energy should be the goal and the criterion of a treatment. No matter how many times you have already manipulated, the harmonious Qi should be the goal and the criterion of a treatment.

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