Initial consultation Ca 30 / 40min:   € 50 ,00 

An in-depth consultation reviewing your medical history and symptoms, discussing a Chinese medicine treatment plan and followed by an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture Ca  60min:   € 55,00

A follow-up consultation to check your progress to date, review your treatment plan and followed by an acupuncture treatment.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to come to your appointment, please cancel 24 hours in advance by telephone or e-mail / whatsapp, otherwise 35 euro will be charged.

The payment options

PIN, payment request, cash, transfer


Tao is a registered member of the professional association NVA (Dutch Association for Acupuncture). If your insurance have alternative care, acupuncture is covered. Check the policy for how much is covered.
Please bring your policy card. The information is used to create an invoice that you can use to obtain reimbursement from your insurance.


Our clinic is affiliated with the KAB Alternative Treatment Methods. Are you dissatisfied with a treatment or do you have any complaint?
You can always contact the NVA ( and discuss the complaint with them. Or you can also obtain information and submit a complaint to the KAB’s Dispute Body Foundation. For general information: and for complaints: Or complain to Stichting Zorggeschil(SZG)

General information

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AGB-Code: 90067843

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