Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where a therapist places special cups on the skin for a few minutes to create suction. TCM believes many pain comes from the Qi blocking or because of cold dampness blocking the meridian. Cupping is used to mobilize blood flow and expel the moist cold energy from the body so the pain can be relief. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cupping is often used in conjunction with acupuncture to treat colds and muscle pains.

What is side effects of cupping?

A bruise is caused when small blood vessels are damaged or broken as a result of trauma to the skin (whether it hits something or hits yourself with a hammer). The raised area of a bump or bruise results from blood leaking from these damaged blood vessels into the tissues, as well as from the body’s response to the injury. A bruise is medically called a bruise. A purplish, flat bruise that occurs when blood leaks to the top layers of skin is called an ecchymosis.

What can cupping be used for?

Cupping can help with many ailments. From headaches, colds and insomnia to back pain, depression and infertility. And a positive effect on shingles, acne, facial paralysis and some form of neck pain.

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