In order to make a right TCM treatment plan, your first initial consultation is very crucial. We will ask questions related with your general health condition, current symptoms, past medical history and family medical history, diet and lifestyle, sleeping pattern and emotional state, have had any investigation, or had gone through any treatment etc. Besides, we will do the pulse diagnosis to check their quality, rhythm and strength. And tongue diagnosis to see your tongue color ,coating and shape which will give us a good indication of your internal organs’ condition. Once we having gathered enough information to determine the likely cause of your problem, we can then discuss with you about the options, and chose the most appropriate effective treatment for you.

Based on this diagnosis, we will propose a treatment plan. We will select a form of treatments such as acupuncture, herbs, moxa, or cupping. Or a combination of a mix methods, which all depends on your individual’s condition and needs.

You can also download the Intake Form to fill it either by send it or bring it for the first initial consultation.

(*We respect your privacy and are committed to always protect your personal data. We do not share your personal data with any third parties.)

* The TCM Ten Questions

Why does TCM practitioners ask so many questions?

An initial visit to an acupuncturist usually involves filling out an extensive health history form and having an in-depth discussion with your practitioner.

As an acupuncturist we will ask a number of questions about your health and lifestyle, many of which may seem unrelated to your main reason for seeking acupuncture. The questions, however, are linked together and your answers provide valuable input into the diagnostic process. Along with tongue and pulse diagnosis, asking what are known as the “10 questions” allows us to create a unique treatment plan for you as an individual. This taking into account a wide variety of signs and symptoms is the key to the success of acupuncture .

As practitioners, we truly have to be detectives, keep looking for clues, and get all the facts, in order to make a tailored treatment for each patient, and get a successful outcome.

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