According to some estimates, around 30,000 Dutch people suffer from burnout syndrome. The cause is found in high work pressure, frustration and long-term exposure to large amounts of stress. That combination causes overload, which runs out of all reserves: like a fire that has used up all the fuel.

The most noticeable symptoms of burnout are deep fatigue, nervousness and a sense of failure. Often such symptoms are suppressed with coffee, alcohol, antacids or other medicines. This works in the short term, but in the longer term they actually encourage the phenomenon.

Within the TCM, a burnout is an exhaustion of one or more organs. Your energy and vitality (Qi) is literally exhausted / exhausted. Your life fire (Kidney, Heart and Spleen Yang) is on a low fire or is literally burned out. Often this is accompanied by a stagnation / blockage of your energy.

If you hold on to emotions and stress for a long time, it leads to areas of the body that are insufficiently “lived” and therefore cramped. They don’t get enough blood and oxygen. Acupuncture and tuina can help to restart the flow and revitalize the areas. Tuina is a massage form that, due to its softness and kindness, fits in well with the hypersensitivity that many people with burnout syndrome experience.

Acupuncture can be used very well in a burnout. Especially from the holistic approach; physical, emotional and mental complaints can be understood and treated as a unit.
It can go well with a medical process, conversations with a psychologist / coach, yoga and meditation, etc. It is important that you put together your own “package” of treatments and disciplines that help you with your recovery.

In addition to acupuncture, nutritional advice and / or Chinese herbs can work together to help recovering.

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